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    • Well, if these Rules really exist, they are only written, cuz nobody follow them. Ppl get scammed and harrased in the server almost every day (my appreciation since i started), and these scammer still going around like nothing. Theres no punishment. And i think thats the main problem. I hope Fisher put a bit of heart again on the server, and make it better, or at the end of all, if he cant manage it anymore, he should give it the leadership to somebody who can do it, and do it good, or just close the server. Is all i have to say. Im still mad cuz my friend got scammed, and still no solution. So lame for such nice server, cuz honestly i really like it, and i dont want to leave it.
    • 3 people actually, me myself and i :*
    • There are rules, that is freedom of speech untill you reach a point that cannot be accepted. But when you reach that point GM's surely won't do anything. It is completely normal. And yes, Fisher has to be active again. That would be his rule. 
    • Hello... Idk if this post will be accepted by mods, but anyway im gonna write it. I have like 2-3 weeks since i started in this server, i've played metin2 since 2008, was my firt pve mmorpg i ever played, also i've played a lot of others mmorpg tru all this years, so i've learned a lot about them, i've knew and handled a lot of ppl, diferent kinds of ppl, nice one, bad one, i've had so many joy also many bad days, i've been bullied in many ways. This time this post is not for me, is for all the players of this server and those who want to play here. I have positive comments and negative comments for this server... POSITIVES: -The game style is really fluid and easy to learn. The leveling is easy if u learn where to go. -U can get free coins, by voting or by staying online a certain hours. -U can find nice ppl in here, and even knowing theres 3 kingdoms who in the story of the game, they always have been enemies, here u can be friends of ppl on other kingdoms. -The Anti-Camping is a good thing for those who like to play only on pvm, or are still learning the game and dont want to be killed by others, till it learn enough and can manage do pvp. NEGATIVES: -The Owner have been absent since march, so, no new updates. -Theres only one kind of staff that can do stuff like the owner, is the GA, but they never online either. -Theres no RULES or TOS, so, everybody do as they please, including on INSULTING, SCAMMING, HARRASSING, RACISM, SEXUAL ASSAULT, AND MORE... and theres nothing u cant do, u cant reports, and the GM's doesnt have the power to control them either. To make a server progress and keep the safety for every each players, there have to exist RULES, and making rules, there have to exist a PUNISHMENT for those who dont follow the rules. For example: If someone scam other, no matter the way it happens, it should be a punishment, but due theres no GM's with the power of punish ppl, is a lose of time to continue playing a server like this, so continuedly the server will lost player till end desert. So please Fisher, if u ever read this, and u still have love for this server, do some rules, and give power to gm's to punish ppl who dont follow them, teach them to follow these rules too, add new competitive gm's to help u out. If not, the server will die soon. As for me, and in the name of the friends i've made on this server, im done. A very important friend of mine in here was scammed yesterday, and nobody could do anything. So, ill find other server where i can trust, and here, if u listen to my request, and do something about it and this all change, ill come back. Have a good day everybody.