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  1. Updated 2017-12-03
  2. @Kuhani has been added in the team as Game Master
  3. Updated 2017-11-04
  4. Hardware ID lock system updated: From now you're able to manage it on subaccounts page. This system will be disabled for all newly registered accounts. Keep in mind that we strongly recommend to use this system in order to boost up your game security. Best regards.
  5. Updated 2017-11-01
  6. Hello dear community I'd like to say that Halloween Event has been activated 1th November. We've added new: - costumes (available in Item shop and Halloween Chest) - hairstyles (available in 'Hair Salon') - pets (available in Item shop) - mounts (available in Halloween Chest) During event you're able to drop Pumpkin Pieces (alternative drop from all mobs of your level +/- 10). You can exchange Pumpkin Pieces and Halloween Pumpkins in 'Halloween Crafting' window (Jack Pumpkin NPC): 10 x Pumpkin Piece + 10.000.000 Gold : 1 x Halloween Pumpkin 10 x Halloween Pumpkin + 250.000.000 Gold : 1 x Halloween Chest Halloween Pumpkin contains: Halloween Chest contains: Forgotten Box contains: Event sale will be active, you'll receive 20% bonus from all coin's purchases during event. During weekends will be active Stay4Coins feature. Mallable hairstyles added in Itemshop -> Costumes P.S.: Event may be changed at any time. Happy Halloween Best regards.
  7. @Dasco promoted to Game Administrator
  8. @Xerxes has left the team
  9. @Alex promoted to Game Administrator @Dasco came back in team
  10. Updated 2017-04-24
  11. Updated 2017-04-17
  12. The problem fixed. Regards.
  13. Hello dear community! Happy Easter. During event you're able to receive: Basket with Easter Eggs Magic Egg and Easter Gift. Best regards
  14. Updated 2017-03-16