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  1. cant find it there, i use Avast
  2. I cant find the file, it should be in 'pack' right? If thats true then I dont have it. Would be nice if u could send me
  3. I have put the whole metin2club folder into exceptions on my antivirus. I have windows 7 so i dont think thats the problem. About the drivers idk. If u can send me the metin2.bin file i ll add that to the folder. nope, nothing. As far as i know i dont have any programs u are talking about. Regards
  4. yes, GM Alex already tried to help me but, but failed. Fisher is still not answering me
  5. well, i tried to run with the things u mentioned BaoBao, but its still not working... guess i cant play this server
  6. hm i will try that, however i prefer teamvieuwe cause I am not so smart with pc things
  7. I have tried to download it again multiple times, tried all 3 ways to download it also btw. Firewall is off and i dont use a antivirus so that shouldnt be a problem as well. I have send a message to Fisher but no answer yet.
  8. Hey all, For the last week or something, I am trying to start playing on this server, unfortunately its not really working yet.. So here is the problem, after downloading the client and loading the patcher I need to press 'start the game'. After that press, nothing happens.. So I tried all kinda things like running as admin, trying a different compatible mode, adding files which I was missing according to a GM. Even a GM couldn't help me out of this. Now the last thing I tried, was that a friend of my who is also playing this server, would send me his folder. And yey it is still not working. I hoped someone of the players here might have another suggestion. I will add a screenshot of my folder, maybe im missing something.
  9. yep
  10. Also tried that, I also tried to download it when firewall is off. Still nothing happens after starting patcher...
  11. Meta > download through browser
  12. it says it was completed. Shouldnt i have a client item in the folder?
  13. Nope, doesnt work. The patcher loads fully, but then no client starts. I dont see a client in the folder either.
  14. Heyy, I installed the game 5 min ago, and when the patcher is done loading and I press 'Start the game', nothing happens... Anyone knows what to do? Kind regards, LikeAboss