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  1. Some fun on PvP Tournament!
  2. Great! You too! Regards Alex!
  3. Hello try to change password and try again! Regards Alex!
  4. Try to unnistall antivirus and check if work because sometime that it's problem If no work reinstall game , unnistall and reinstall again metin! Also if that no work try to change setting to run XP sp3! Regards Alex!
  5. Was fixed now and site and game it's dead! Maybe it's some error from host!
  6. Site it's bug need owner for can fix, sorry for inconvenience! Regards Alex!
  7. You can't for the moment , because you need activate email but also for can that need and site for can done! Regards Alex!
  8. Hello need owner for fix site! I hope will be back and fix that! Regards Alex!
  9. Hello sorry for inconvenience site it's bug for the moment! Regards Alex!
  10. Heya fine see you on week-end I will do hide-seek event!
  11. Hello and sorry for incovenience it's because site it's still bug for the moment! Regards Alex!
  12. Sorry for inconvenience, everyone hope will be fixed! Regards Alex!
  13. Sorry for inconvenience! Site it's still bug if owner will be back will fixed! Regards Alex!
  14. Sorry for all problems guys if owner it's back anything will be fine I hope anything will be fixed! Regards Alex!
  15. Hello thank you for your report, site it's bug for the moment if owner it's back will be fixed! Sorry for problems!! Regards Alex!