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  1. There are rules, that is freedom of speech untill you reach a point that cannot be accepted. But when you reach that point GM's surely won't do anything. It is completely normal. And yes, Fisher has to be active again. That would be his rule.
  2. As long as Fisher has an eternal vacation there's nothing to be worked on. Club will be dead within a short time if he doesn't return.
  3. Easter in de middle of summer, way to go!
  4. Obviously not
  5. You must be joking. First log out COMPLETELY and all premium features are active. Mongrel
  6. People die when they are killed. - Shirou Emiya
  7. - Don't run other games/devices - Run as Windows XP SP3
  8. Make sure TNL is on GPU You can find it in Config.exe
  9. Even this has to be approved? My own damn profile? Shame on please

  10. A Black Magic sura would probably do more. The poison nova from ninja does the most damage of all (originally - since fishy Fisher changed all skill values..) Nevertheless, you're getting there. Wondering about the max damage with full equipment
  11. Hi Fisher I suggest to create a topic just like the new "rules" where all known suggestions are posted which were made, since the list is growing and growing. I'm sure you remember it from United. It worked well. And yes, this suggestion doesn't have to be there ofcourse. And a certain someone doesn't like the new rule thread lol!
  12. At least put some color on it... mongrel
  13. Really?
  14. How about to rather add drops like Runs/Coins instead of the abuse that will be made like your idea?
  15. Having max block + HP + Demi is more than enough. Demi works in WC2 aswell You should only consider arrow resistance in WC2. For this we have a switchbot, hehe This should read a bit easier than that fairy tail.