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Changelog 2017

- New lifetime hairstyles added in Itemshop -> Costumes
- Halloween event will ends at midnight

- HWID lock system changed

- Halloween event added
- Mallable hairstyles added in game (Itemshop -> Costumes)

- Bonus switcher updated (from now you're able to switch up to 7 items at same time)

- Easter event activated
- Costume event added (from Monday till Tuesday you're able to drop costumes from metin stones)

- Rain event improvements
- Success chance for item's upgrading was increased (values in wiki)

- Changed interface for trade window
- Fixed wrong position for metin stones (if you'll notice some at wrong place, please report them)
- Hunting quest changed (increased min. coins reward and decreased cooldown time)
- Rewersal scrolls fixed (was problem with old sashes)
- Changed default bonuses for some level 170 accessories
- NW event changed (empire points will decrease if no one from kingdom on map)

- Hunting quest changed
- Stay4Coins feature deactivated
- Discord server created

- Improved security for your accounts with adding HWID Lock system
- Lifetime Youtube costumes aren't tradeable anymore

- Added new level 170 accessories (belts, helms, boots, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, shields). More info in wiki. Items available in Itemshop and via upgrading of level 160 & 150 items in game
- Added target info system (qi3MJ.png)
- Added highlight effect for new items

- New sashes added: Royal Sash (custom)Royal Sash and Sovereign Sash (custom) Sovereign Sash. Available in Itemshop and via craft process of Fine Cloth Fine Cloth (dropable in game) at Theowahdan NPC
- Maximum absorption rate on sashes increased up to 25%
- You are able to combine custom sashes in order to receive maximum value of abs. rate
- From now bonus absorption process will take main bonuses of absorbed item
- Lord Sash (basic) Lord Sash (basic), Master Sash (basic) Master Sash (basic) and Certificate of Reversal+ Certificate of Reversal+ deleted from alternative drop
Fine Cloth Fine Cloth added in alternative drop
Certificate of Reversal+ Certificate of Reversal+ available in itemshop

- 'Macro' protection was disabled for bonus switcher (you won't have problems with it anymore)
- 'Wanted cards' quest added in test mode

- Energy system added (check out Alchemist NPC)
- Added server time in client widow
- Security improvements

Transmutation system added
- Tanaka event changed: mobs will be spawned on random positions each time
- Rain event changed: the map won't be overloaded by mobs which were spawned in previous events
- From now you're able to fix 4th stone socket at Weapon Vendor NPC
- Monkey's boss room quests changed: you won't be teleported in the city when you finish, instead you'll be placed on start position of the map

- PvP balance on Elysium was changed

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