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Transmutation enables you to transform the appearance of your current equipment to match that of another item.

How it works

  • Go to Theowahdan.
  • Talk to him and select Transmutation.
  • Read and accept the warning.
  • First select the item whose appearance should be changed.
  • Then select the item which will be used for the new appearance (You will receive a warning that this item will be destroyed)
  • Click on the button with the tick to start the transmutation process (You will be asked one final time whether you want to carry out the transmutation)
  • After confirming the change, the item used as the basis for the appearance will be deleted.
  • The other item will land in your inventory and can be identified by a small symbol i top-left corner.
  • The transmutation can be reversed in the following ways: Revert the appearance change with the Transmutation Reversal Transmutation Reversal item (only available in the item shop).¬†Upgrade the item (using Blessing Scrolls, the blacksmith, etc.).

There are certain limits to this system:

  • Only items of the same type can be used. Two-handed weapons can only be transmuted into other two-handed weapons, sura sword only into other sura sword.
  • Only weapons and armors are available for transmuting.
  • The item can only be equipped if both items are designed for that class and gender.
  • When transmuting a temporary item, the time limit remains even once it has been transmuted.
  • When a temporary item is used to transmute a permanent item, the time limit is removed.

Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost to transmute an item?
Each transmutation costs 500,000,000 Yang.

When purchasing items, can I see whether they have been transmuted?
You can recognize transmuted items from the symbol in the top-left corner of the item. Hovering over the item with the mouse will reveal which transmutation is active in the tooltip. Pay attention before purchasing an item whether or not you will be able to equip it.

Can other players recognize whether my equipped items have been transmuted?
No, your opponents will only see the transmuted form. They'll only notice once you start attacking them that the weapon does more damage or the equipment offers more DEF.

What happens if I decide to upgrade an item?
If you choose to upgrade an item which has previously been transmuted, the transmutation will be reversed as soon as you do so. Please note that there is no replacement for reversed transmutations.

Are the stats/bonuses from the item used for the transmutation also applied?
No, the only thing transferred is the appearance, no stats or bonuses.

Can I transmute an item that has already been transmuted?
No, firstly you need to reverse current transmutations.

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