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Energy System

What is the Energy System?

A Vitality Pearl 51003.png increases all the bonuses on your equipment up to 10% for 30 minutes. The time will only run when you are logged in.
You can see the status of your AK9dl.png Energy Bar above the coin by dragging the cursor over it

How do I get a Vitality Pearl?

You need to fuse items  that has a bigger level than 80 at the Alchemist NPC to get Vitality Crystals 51001.png (32×32). If you have collected 30 Vitality Crystals, you can melt them into a Vitality Pearl  51003.png (32×32)

How much will it cost?
In order to fuse a Vitality Pearl, you need 10.000.000 Yang money.png

How many Vitality Crystals can I get for one item?

You can get between 0-25 Vitality Crystals 51001.png (32×32) for each item

When can I use the Energy System?

You need to be minimum level 55 to use the Energy System

What can I give the Alchemist to get Vitality Crystals?

You can give any item that is above level 80 and so on. Check our wiki to see all your options!

Can it fail?

There is a chance for failing, but the higher quality the item is, the bigger change will there be to make it successfull. First attempt will always be successfull.

What is the Energy icon?

The Energy icon will let you know the status of your Energy


Best of luck,
The Metin2 Club team

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