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Hardware ID lock system + [VIDEO]

With current system, we've added new protection layer for your game accounts, preventing people from accessing them without having access to your email account as well.

Basic definitions:
PC - personal computer, laptop or other device from which you're playing the game
Hardware ID (HWID) - unique id of PC, based on its hardware
Main account  - the account with which you can login on the homepage (not game account)
Game account - account/s for game which you have on your main account

How it works:
When you first log in the game with new main account you'll need to activate PC for main account (via activation link which will be sent to your mailbox). After you've activated PC you'll be able to enter the game from any game account which you have on current main account from current PC. If you have one more PC you need to activate it too.

Hardware ID's management:
On profile page (https://metin2.club/profile) you're able to manage activated HWID's and view/delete new requests which were made by entering the game on other PC's.

P.S.: If you have problems, feel free to contact me here or over support ticket.

Best regards

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Hardware ID lock system updated:

From now you're able to manage it on subaccounts page. This system will be disabled for all newly registered accounts.

Keep in mind that we strongly recommend to use this system in order to boost up your game security.

Best regards.

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