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Metin2Club Video Contest


Dear community,

We have seen the videos that has been made of our server and they are looking pretty damn well :D There are tutorials, gameplays, events and many other things. Some time has passed since we did our last contest, so we'll like to begin our second contest where you can win tons of prizes and coins.

You can see how our last contest went by clicking here


To show you, what we expect, here are some examples we liked:


Conditions of the contest
We would like you to let your creativity flow freely and of course we expect you to blow our socks off :)

  • Your video must start with "Metin2Club Video Contest 2017", ''Metin2Club'' or have the name of our server as the title.
  • Also the quality of your video will be highly appreciated by the team.
  • You have to create it yourself.
  • Your video must at least be 1 minute long.
  • You can't use a video that has been used in one of our previous contests

Duration of the contest
The contest starts on this day today, 25th of March at 20:00 Server time. 
The contest ends on Friday, 25th of April 20:00 Server time. Entries sent in after that time will not be accepted.

How to participate
1. Create your video.
2. Upload it to YouTube.
3. Send it to [GA]Xerxes in private message or post your video in this thread. 

How can I record?

Bandicam has a free screen recorder and it's easy to use:


What kind of video should I make? What can be seen in it?
Your decision. Be creative. As long as it's clearly a Metin2Club video, you can do whatever you want. If you re-tell a famous movie or story or if you tell a story about your guild or do some event coverage or whatever. It just has to be a Metin2Club video and it has to be creative. But the more you show the good sides of our server and the more detailed it is, you will have a higher chance to win.
It would also be very helpful, if you added a description of what you want to show us. 

What can I win?
There will be 3 winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd) and they will be rewarded with a high amount of coins. The player will be named on this thread & called out in-game.

If you still have any doubts, then please pm me. I'd like to help!
We are looking forward to see some great videos :)

Kind regards
Your metin2.club Team


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